Serena Williams to Serve Up Awesome Book

A memoir by one of tennis’ better players Serena Williams will be hitting bookstands in 2009. And judging by the way every celebrity athlete’s, musician’s and actor’s success story goes (or at least the ones interesting enough to get published), the premise of the Serena bio will sound a lot like the following… Serena Williams grew up in a large family in the ghettos of some ghetto city in America. While all the other school kids were doing drugs and making babies and listening to 2 Live Crew, Serena found solace in the game of tennis. But a black girl playing a white girl’s game didn’t come without its share of adversity. Serena battled through the mean inner-city streets and overcame some form of racism at the tennis club to become what she is today… Ten billion times more attractive than her sister Venus… If I’m way off, I will buy a copy and pretend to read it.


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