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Another Celebrity Divorce Shocks My World

October 20, 2008

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing and no one is more stunned than me! I really thought this union was going to last forever like all the other celebrity marriages. Such a shame. Madonna looked so happy in those photos taken with Yankees shortstop Alex Rodriguez that it never crossed my mind she wanted to break out of wedlock. Such a travesty. I was really positive that with Guy Ritchie, Madonna had zero interest in adding another notch on her 17,886 belt.


Lumberjack Jackets Are In

October 14, 2008

I walked two blocks this morning and counted four morons wearing lumberjack jackets and none of you were homeless. When did lumberjack jackets become cool to wear? Did I miss a fad? Were you walking in the woods one day where you spotted a lumberjack and thought, ‘wow that’s the bad-ass baddest axe-wielding lumberjack man I’ve ever seen cutting down a tree I wish I had a jacket like his so that I look like I’ve banged more squirrels than Bigfoot!” Because that’s the only reason I can think why you’d wear it.
But hey, maybe it’s just me. So here are a few outfit suggestions that I think will go well with your checkered jacket: Dress pants, construction boots, sports watch, Vote for Pedro t-shirt, an empty styrofoam cup and a safety helmet with a cool flashlight on it.