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Batman’s Belt is Cool but Yours is Cooler

September 12, 2008

If you wear your cellphone on your belt, you are hands-down cool. Like a sheriff with a cool mustache. I love the confidence you exude when you walk the streets. Well, there isn’t much else to say. It’s not like I need to tell you how to score chicks, they probably blow your knob at the very sight of your belt buckle buddy. BUT, if you’re not scoring unlimited blowjobs like you should be, here are other fashionable belt items I recommend to go alongside your mobile that will make panties wet: Lightsaber, Sony walkman cassette player, Bat boomerang, Pez dispenser, pager, G.I.Joe walkie-talkie. and a flashlight.*

*Please note that if you wear all these items at the same time, women may want to rape your peen.


Where the F–k is my F–king Hoverboard??

August 27, 2008

It’s been almost two decades since Back to the Future 2 came out and showed me a glimpse of an awesome future with a Mattel Hoverboard floating around 2015. It’s almost 2009 now and there isn’t even a fucking prototype. Somebody at Mattel or Engineering school better be working on this or I will lose my shit. You have slightly over six years to go before I beat you with an autographed Tony Hawk PS1 video game in front of your co-workers.