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Dear Deane Rimerman,

September 15, 2008

I don’t generally respond to comments, but I’ve made an exception. Thank you for writing the following comment in my earlier ‘Hippies Mourn the Death of Trees’ article…

Deane Wrote:
“Thanks for posting this… According to google you’re the only one who has posted this and you help those you oppose by doing so….

Obviously on an unconscious level you really do care…

Deep down inside you really are an Earth First!er. I appreciated that truth!

Long live the Trees!

Be well, Deane.”

First I’d like to say, you are very welcome, Deane.

I am so proud to help the people I oppose by ridiculing them for the stupid things they do. And it’s nice to know that someone sees the good I do for this world. Thank you for noticing, Deane.

But you must know that I don’t do this on an unconscious level. Quite the contrary, I am very conscious of my good deeds. I think it’s wonderful that the Earth First!ers take a pro-active approach of saving our trees by shedding tears to the Magical Forest Gods of Earthland. I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.

I guess simply writing about Earth First! makes me an Earth First!er, just like writing on the Smack of the Day makes you Ronald Smackdonald’s biggest fan in the world that you love and worship and wish you could birth his babies. I can appreciate that truth!

Take care my #1 fan.


p.s. Raul, the Forest God of Oak, says hello.


Jessica Simpson Leaves Acting, I Shed Tear

September 4, 2008

This is a real shame. Jessica Simpson has decided to focus on her music career rather than continue to bust out gems on the big screen. “It’s got to just be a really incredible director and production with an awesome studio and great cast. But for me right now Jessica Simpson is music,” said the air head. So basically, the only way Jessica comes back is if we land Martin Scorsese, cast Johnny Depp and have Paramount back this up. Hurry someone please make this happen or we’ll never see her reprise the role of Daisy Duke as a whore in the Dukes of Hazzard sequel. Please someone do something, the movie industry can’t afford to lose another Heath Ledger. Please!