FAQs and Stuff

If you have any questions, comments or, yawn, complaints, get it off your chest and write it below or send me an email at ronald(@)smackoftheday.com and maybe, if the stars align, I will post the answer here.

Would you post a Smack if I wrote one?
Nope. This is Ronald Smackdonald’s site. Not Boris Mikhailov’s blog. Or Janie Barrilow’s website because she likes Danielle Steel novels and we hate her.

Do you take suggestions on what to write?
I do. I also accept pats on the back and your single lady friends. Must be hot.

I love your Smacks, Ronald!! Have you ever thought about writing a book?
Yes I have. But I also have the attention span of a squirrel, hence the blog.

You should call your site smackoftheweek cuz you don’t update it every day!! Hahahahahahaha. I’ve never heard such originality before. You are hilarious.

This site is shit. I’m boycotting it!!
Wait for it… waaaait for it! Here it comes… Whoooopdeeeedoooo.


One Response to “FAQs and Stuff”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bring back the classic “Jared Fogle Smack!”

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