Hate List

Welcome to the Hall of Hate. Now, it’s no secret that I despise pretty much everybody. But to make it on this list, we’re talking such serious hate that it’s prestigious. Just sit back and watch it grow.

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen – 22 minutes of Meghan Fox, 3 hours of absolute shit.

P Diddy – He posts a video about lowering himself to fly economy? Fuck you.

George Lucas – Ruining old good movies i.e. Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

O.J. Simpson – What a stupid moron.

Major League Baseball – Yaaaaaaaaawn.

Everything Star Trek – Boldly lame

Lindsay Lohan + family – No explanation required.

Paris Hilton – See Lindsay Lohan

Superman Returns – If the objective here was to make the biggest piece of shit movie, mission accomplished.

Tom Cruise – Scientology’s captain and about ready to butcher Top Gun with a sequel

Nicolas Cage – Worst. Actor. Ever. Plays himself in every movie. Except Leaving Las Vegas, he plays himself as a drunk.

Terrell Owens – Overpaid football player / whiny bitch.

Vince Carter – See Terrell Owens. Yet another overpaid whiny athlete bitch. Could’ve been the next Michael Jordan, instead became the next second round draft pick playing in Poland.

Ben Affleck – There was a time (2005-ish) that he appeared in every movie, and every movie sucked harder than a stripper working for tips. I have not forgotten.


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