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G.I. Joe Movie Review

August 19, 2009

I haven’t seen the movie but giving it a fair critique will not be difficult. Here we go… This movie is s-h-i-t. Like a pile of dog shit that an elephant shit on top of. The premise is probably no different than the cartoon of the 80’s. A special American force named G.I. Joe sets out to stop the evil forces of Cobra who are bent on taking over the world. Cobra will come close to world domination but amidst the barrage of explosions, missile attacks, machine guns, Matrix-stolen karate-kick effects and zero plot, G.I. Joe will save the day even though Cobra Commander and Destro will unfortunately survive in order to produce an even shittier sequel (Transformers 2, anyone?). Unless, you know, the entire cast is flying in a plane over the Atlantic and it somehow, mysteriously, goes down. Which would be terrible. Awful. Just, just awful. Tragic.


Michael Jackson’s Death

July 11, 2009

It’s been a while, Smackamaniacs. My apologies. Now, let’s get onto what’s been happening of late.┬áSo, Michael Jackson is dead. Wow. I first heard the news a few weeks back while at the local pub. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly or if the mixture of Caesars and Coronas and vodka sodas were lying to me. But when the internet told me the truth, I was truly saddened. It felt like a piece of my 80’s childhood was lost. Like when Megatron finally defeated and killed Optimus Prime and inevitably led the way to the second generation of cartoon Transformers – which sucked the balls.